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Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel


Please note: The plus sign "+" means the keys should be pressed simultaneously. The Ctrland Alt keys are located on the bottom left and bottom right sides of most keyboards.

Ctrl + N

Create a new workbook.

Ctrl + O

Open an existing workbook.

Ctrl + S

Save the active workbook.


Save the active workbook under a new name, displays the Save as dialog box.

Ctrl + W

Close the active workbook.

Ctrl + C

Copy the contents of the selected cells to Clipboard.

Ctrl + X

Cut the contents of the selected cells to Clipboard.

Ctrl + V

Insert the contents of the Clipboard into the selected cell(s).

Ctrl + Z

Undo your last action. Panic button :)

Ctrl + P

Open the "Print" dialog.

Formatting data

Ctrl + 1

Open the "Format Cells" dialog.

Ctrl + T

"Convert selected cells to a table. You can also select any cell in a range of related data, and pressing Ctrl + T will make it a table. 

Working with formulas


Autocomplete the function name. Example: Enter = and start typing vl, press Tab and you will get =vlookup(


Cycle through various combinations of formula reference types. Place the cursor within a cell and hit F4 to get the needed reference type: absolute, relative or mixed (relative column and absolute row, absolute column and relative row).

Ctrl + `

Toggle between displaying cell values and formulas.

Ctrl + '

Insert the formula of the above cell into the currently selected cell or the Formula Bar.

Navigating and viewing data

Ctrl + F1

Show / hide the Excel Ribbon. Hide the ribbon to view more than 4 rows of data.

Ctrl + Tab

Switch to the next open Excel workbook.

Ctrl + PgDown

Switch to the next worksheet. Press Ctrl + PgUp to switch to the previous sheet.

Ctrl + G

Open the "Go to" dialog. Pressing F5 displays the same dialog.

Ctrl + F

Display the "Find" dialog box.


Return to the 1st cell of the current row in a worksheet.

Ctrl + Home

Move to the beginning of a worksheet (A1 cell).

Ctrl + End

Move to the last used cell of the current worksheet, i.e. the lowest row of the rightmost column.

Entering data


Edit the current cell.

Alt + Enter

In cell editing mode, enter a new line (carriage return) into a cell.

Ctrl + ;

Enter the current date. Press Ctrl + Shift + ; to enter the current time.

Ctrl + Enter

Fill the selected cells with the contents of the current cell.
Example: select several cells. Press and hold down Ctrl, click on any cell within selection and press F2 to edit it. Then hit Ctrl + Enter and the contents of the edited cell will be copied into all selected cells.

Ctrl + D

Copy the contents and format of the first cell in the selected range into the cells below. If more than one column is selected, the contents of the topmost cell in each column will be copied downwards.

Ctrl + Shift + V

Open the "Paste Special" dialog when clipboard is not empty.

Ctrl + Y

Repeat (Redo) the last action, if possible.

Selecting data

Ctrl + A

Select the entire worksheet. If the cursor is currently placed within a table, press once to select the table, press one more time to select the whole worksheet.

Ctrl + Homethen Ctrl + Shift + End

Select the entire range of your actual used data on the current worksheet.

Ctrl + Space

Select the entire column.

Shift + Space

Select the entire row.

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A top requested Windows 10 feature is here

There have been over 300 new features and improvements to Windows released over the past few months. This includes a new design for Start and the Action Centre, faster more convenient ways to share content, plus one of the most requested features yet. Most of these updates have come from recommendations from Windows users, like you. 

With so much to explore, you will want to make sure that you are running the latest version of Windows. You can do this by simply going into the Windows Update Settings & click ‘Check for Updates’. This should then automatically start the download and install any of the outstanding updates. 

Here are some of the features that have been released:

A new touch keyboard on PC – Enhanced text prediction, shape writing and dictation on the desktop. The keyboard also supports 26 different languages.

OneDrive Files On-Demand – Access your files in the cloud without downloading and using storage on your device. All of your files, even online-only files can be seen in File Explorer and work just like every other file on your device

Currency Converter in the Calculator – One of the top requested features of Windows 10 so far. This will allow you to convert different currencies straight from the Calculator App

Narrator gets Artificial Intelligence – Now Narrator can do things like generate descriptions for images. This can also extract text from images using optical character recognition

Link your phone and PC – This feature focuses on cross-device web browsing using an Android phone. Using this you can have your browser searches from your phone automatically show up on your PC that you have chosen. 

These are the main features that are released with this latest update, so it is well worth ensuring your PC is up to date to make sure you are able to benefit from all of these updates. 

Windows 10

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Useful Excel Tips

No matter how much, or how little you use Excel there is always something new to learn about Excel that will make your use of it much easier. In this blog, we will be listing a few tips that will save you time and effort when using Excel.

1. One Click to Select All
With 1 click of the mouse on the ‘Corner button’ you are able to select all data on the sheet. 

Corner button

2. Shifting between different Excel Files

When you have multiple spreadsheets open, it can get very confusing shifting between the different files. If you use the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl + Tab’ it will shift through all of the open Excel Files quickly and easily
3. Creating additional Shortcuts within Excel

Generally, in Excel you have 3 shortcuts by default, which are Save, Undo and Redo. If you want to add other options to here, such as copy and paste you can set them up as follows:
File > Options > Quick Access Toolbar > Move any shortcuts required from the left column to the right column. These will then add into the shortcut menu


4. Add more than 1 new Row or Column
You may know how to add 1 new Row or Column, but if you need to add multiple new rows then this way could save some time. The best way is to drag and select the amount of rows you require to add, right-click the selected area and click on Insert. 


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How to spot dangerous links in emails


There has been a growing number of cases where hackers are sending emails pretending to be well known companies, encouraging you to click on a link in the email. Clicking this link may take you to webpages where Malware, Viruses and Ransomware are downloaded to your device. If you’re unsure what Ransomware is, we have covered this in great detail in other blogs. 

These emails that are being sent out are becoming harder and harder to spot, as they are very good at appearing legitimate. For example, they will have the branding of the company they are spoofing, the email address looks very similar to the legitimate email addresses and they also put in a few links that will take you to the correct website. 

So, how do you spot the difference between a scam link and a legitimate link? The main way to be able to tell is to hold your mouse over the link and it will then bring up a box that contains the actual link it is going to. From this, you should be able to tell if it’s going to the company they claim to be or not. An example of this is if you had an email claiming to be from BT regarding a bill you need to pay, in the email there will be a statement saying:

‘To view your bill, please click here’ 

You would expect this link to take you to BT, so if when you hover your mouse over the link and the URL is something completely different and does not contain the domain name, then this email is most definitely a scam. 


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Misplaced a silent Android phone


So, you have misplaced you Android phone and you have tried to ring it only to realise that it is put in silent mode.

What now?

Luckily, there is a way to make your phone ring even if it is silent.

For this to work the phone must be:
- Turned on
- Signed in to a Google account
- Connected to a mobile data or Wi-FI
- Find My Device turned on
Most Android phones have Find My Device turned on by default.
Open up a web browser on any device and go to 

Log in with the same google accounts and on the menu on the left hand side click on the PLAY SOUND button.

If it is stuck on connecting, click on the refresh icon highlighted in the picture.

Play sound

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Please note: The plus sign "+" means the keys should be pressed simultaneously. The Ctrland Alt keys are located on the bottom left and bottom right sides of most keyboards. Ctrl + N Create a new workbook. Ctrl + O Open an existing workbook. ...

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