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The Importance of Running Regular Virus Scans

In modern day life, many people find themselves being too busy to properly maintain their PCs, or simply expect the PC to automatically run through the maintenance. Although PCs have become a lot more self-sufficient, they do still require some chores to ensure they are completely protected from any threats. One of the most important chores that must be kept on top of is running regular virus scans and keeping your anti-virus completely up to date. New threats are being released multiple times per day and so even if your anti-virus is out of date by 1 or 2 days, you leave yourself vulnerable to many types of threats. Even though your anti-virus is up to date, the viruses will not be detected if you have them on your system unless you run regular virus scans, which could lead to major problems.


So, what could happen if you do not run regular virus scans? One of the most common forms of viruses is something called Ransomware, this virus will encrypt all of your files on your system and request money for them to be unlocked. This includes all of your photos and documents, which can be extremely detrimental, especially to businesses. There are many other types of viruses which can infect your PC. Whether it is stealing passwords for your internet banking, tracking what you do on the PC or using your PC as a host to infect others, the list goes on. 

If you do not run these scans, the question is not if you will get a virus, it is when will you get a virus. For these reasons, it is extremely important to ensure that your anti-virus is kept up to date and run regular scans.


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