Are you ready for the BT Telephone (ISDN & PSTN) Switch off in 2025?

Since 2020, businesses have no longer been able to buy any telephone systems which use ISDN or PSTN technology. BT is aiming to switch off all ISDN and PSTN Services by 2025 and move entirely to IP-Based, VoIP communication. Is your business prepared for this switch off?

What are ISDN and PSTN?

(Skip this paragraph if you don’t care for tech jargon!!)

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is a set of communication standards that can transmit both data and voice over a digital line. ISDN was introduced in 1986 and splits the traditional copper telephone line into multiple digital channels.

PSTN uses copper cables to transmit voice calls and the fundamentals of the system have not changed for years. This system uses underground copper wires and has been in general use since the late 1800s.

Why are ISDN and PSTN being switched off?

Recently there has been a huge investment in rolling out Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband across the country so it makes these older technologies redundant.

Openreach have made the official statement below:

Once we’ve rolled out Full Fibre into an area, it doesn’t make sense for us to keep lots of different old technologies running – it’ll be very expensive, replacement parts are no longer being made, and it won’t allow us to push forward with our plans to give the UK world class connectivity as quickly as we’d like. So, we’ve laid out a plan on how and when we’re going to be switching off our old copper based network and what this means for you:

What are the alternatives?

Cloud Phone Systems (commonly known as VoIP or Voice over IP) is the future of telephony. With VoIP, your business phone system is hosted online giving you the traditional functionality of a conventional office phone system with greater flexibility and access to additional features.

Why should I switch before 2025?

Having a Cloud Phone System now will allow your business to be ready in advance of this change, so it won’t be a last-minute panic. You will also be able to take advantage of the Cloud Phone System’s many benefits as listed in the next paragraph.

What does our Cloud Phone System bring to your business?

  1. Increased Billing Flexibility – Add or remove users so you only ever pay for what you need.
  2. Better cashflow – No more large upfront costs as there is no onsite telephone system hardware and the phone handsets are free.
  3. Reduced Call Costs – Calls to 01, 02, 03 landlines, UK mobiles and calls between internal extensions are always free
  4. Modern Features – Our cloud phone system offers a variety of easy to use and access special features like call forwarding, conference calls, caller ID, call blocking and call recording. All great additions that can improve your business operations and the way you communicate with your customers and clients.
  5. Trusted & Responsive Technical Support – Take advantage of our fully trained and certified engineers that will manage the resolution of your problems in the same way that we manage your technical support tickets – Only 1 number to ring.
  6. Reduced Administration Time – Automatically schedule your working week. No more having to remember to switch to night service as this will all happen automatically at your chosen time. Pre-populate bank holidays so that callers go straight to voicemail.
  7. Increased Staff Productivity – All company staff can make calls at the same time. No more waiting for a line to be free to make or receive a call.
  8. Improved Remote Working – Staff members can make calls from anywhere in the world by handset, mobile, tablet, laptop or PC.

Next steps

Press Start offers everything you need to move your phone system to the cloud, with support and assistance even after the move has been completed. No matter what features you need or how many users you want to benefit from it, we can help you.

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