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Cloud-Based Document Management Helps Businesses

Cloud-Based Document Management Helps Businesses

Paper documents can hold businesses back for several different reasons. For example, have you ever tried to move to a new office and drag along countless heavy filing cabinets? What about digging through folders just to find one specific document? It’s difficult to sort them in the first place as it is. Technology has made this job much easier, providing businesses with tools to better manage and maintain their wealth of paper documents in the form of a digital cloud environment.

A cloud-based document storage infrastructure is a great way to help your business overcome the annoyances and drawbacks of keeping paper files and storage in your office. Here are some of the best reasons why your organisation should consider cloud-based document management systems.

Easy Organisation and Access
We’re sure you’ve felt the frustration of storing paper files into folders and then further storing them in large filing cabinets. A document management system makes this much easier to handle as you are storing files on your in-house network in an organised and efficient manner. It’s just like using folders on an ordinary computer or network infrastructure and as long as you stay organised, you shouldn't have any issues finding the data you’re looking for. Plus, you’ll be able to access any files stored in your cloud from pretty much any connected device, which creates a more flexible work environment.

Easier to Navigate
Just like your browser’s search bar or your basic search engine like Google, you can search your document management system for specific files. You certainly can’t do something like that with your filing cabinet! This alone is a great way to ensure that your documents are efficient to locate at all times. With a document management system based in the cloud, all you need to do is just type your searches into the system and you can find whatever information you’re looking for easily enough.

Easier to Preserve
How would your filing cabinets hold up to a fire in the office? What about a flood or similar natural disaster? Chances are that “not well” is the answer. As with any asset, you should be able to have a backup in the event of a worst-case scenario, but this is difficult for physical document storage. Digital cloud-based document storage should always be backed up with external solutions, like a backup and disaster recovery solution so that these worst-case scenarios don’t prematurely end your business.

The Primary Risk: Data Security
The issue with storing any data in a connected and online environment is that you’re exposing it to potential hackers and other security risks. There are threats out there that are always on the lookout for ways into any type of infrastructure and threats are growing stronger each and every day. Therefore, you should have solutions implemented that optimise security against threats, as well as data backup and disaster recovery to ensure a random incident doesn’t keep your business from succeeding.

To get started with a cloud-based document management system, call us on 01638 603204.

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