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UK Slow Broadband Speeds Compared to Europe

Although BT have been working on pushing out fibre to the country over the last few years, they have failed to hit all of their targets and we are falling behind other countries in terms of broadband speeds. In 2010, it was promised that Britain would have the fasted broadband in Europe by 2015, which was later revised, as it was clear it was not going to happen.

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So, what has caused this? One of the main reasons is our old infrastructure being built on copper wires, which at the time was the fastest way of providing broadband. However now fibre has become mainstream, it is much harder for us to replace the existing cabling, especially in rural areas. BTs solution to this is FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) and from there to your house it is still copper wires. This works fine for customers who are close to the cabinet, however for those that are far away from the cabinet, they still experience very slow broadband speeds.

Fibre Cables

You may be thinking, where does the UK rank in terms of top broadband speeds? According to Akamai’s Global Rankings, we are currently 9th in Europe and 15th in the world rankings, as pictured below. We are on the rise however, as we have continued to go up the rankings over the last few years as the fibre roll out has affected more areas of the country.


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