Cloud Phone System

Modern, advanced, feature rich business phone system for any sized business looking to improve productivity

What is a Cloud Phone System?

Cloud Phone Systems (commonly known as VoIP or Voice over IP) is the future of telephony. With VoIP your business phone system is hosted online giving you the traditional functionality of a conventional office phone system with greater flexibility and access to additional features.

Prepare for the ISDN line switch off in 2025

Openreach is switching off its traditional, line-based telephone network by 2025 and this is being replaced with digital, internet-based voice services. Having a Cloud Phone System now will allow your business to be ready in advance of this change, so it won’t be a last-minute panic.

Click here for the official Openreach statement

Our VoIP Phone System Features

Inclusive calls to UK landlines and mobiles

Work from anywhere with smartphone app

Free Handsets or Cordless Handsets

Advanced call features include voicemail, automatic call routing, hunt group and CLI

Call handling - call waiting, divert, hold, transfer, conference calling

Keep your existing numbers

'One number anywhere' – callers dial one number to reach your desk and mobile phone

Hot desk - Login as your user on other VoIP handsets

Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems

Increased Flexibility

It is quick and easy to scale up or scale down a cloud phone system. You also have the option to easily direct specific phone numbers to specific locations, which offers increased flexibility. For instance, if you are on an important call but are leaving the office, you can transfer that call to your smartphone without ending the call.

Improved Remote Working

As everything takes place over an internet connection, your team can work effortlessly to a high standard wherever they are. Whether it be a handset, mobile, tablet, laptop or PC you can use your preferred device for inbound and outbound calls. As you can still assign business phone numbers to remote workers, it helps your company to maintain its professional credibility.

Extra Features

A cloud phone system also offers a variety of easy to use and access special features like call forwarding, conference calls, caller ID, call blocking and call recording. All great additions that can improve your business operations and the way you communicate with your customers and clients.

No phone system hardware required

No need for hardware switch in your office or paying the hardware maintenance.

Reduced Call Costs

Inclusive calls to 01, 02, 03 landlines and UK mobiles and calls between internal extensions are always free.


Add and remove users as needed so you only ever pay for what you need.

Move Your Phone System to the Cloud with Press Start

Press Start offers everything you need to move your phone system to the cloud, with support and assistance even after the move has been completed. No matter what features you need or how many users you want to benefit from it, we can help you.