Dark Web Monitoring

We proactively monitor the Dark Web and criminal hacker underground in real-time preventing exposure of your company credentials to criminals and malicious individuals.

We Navigate the Dark Web So You Don’t Have To.

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is the criminal underbelly of the Internet. Websites such as Google, Ask & Bing only display 4% of the internet. The remaining 90% is what is known as the ‘Deep Web’, made up of sub-sections for holding information like private networks, government networks, and databases. The remaining 6% of the Internet is the Dark Web.

The Dark Web is the growing market for personal data, corporate data and user credentials. It presents a very compelling opportunity for cybercriminals to access, sell or exploit for this data for profit.

Did you know?

0 billion
stolen login pairs, username and password, have been detected circulating on the Dark Web.
0 %
of breaches can be traced or linked to phishing attacks and credential theft.
0 %
of the information available on the Dark Web could negatively impact most businesses’ security and financials.

Why are you at risk?

Many smaller businesses are still under the impression that cyber-attacks only happen to big organisations and choose to ignore their cyber security. This only helps cybercriminals as it makes those vulnerable businesses easy targets and quick wins for cybercriminal activity.

Imagine the consequences of your sensitive company information or customer data being hacked or stolen, or worse, corrupted beyond repair. The cost of such an incident could be catastrophic, possibly putting you out of business. Do not let your business become the next victim splashed in the headlines. Take action now before you are a cybercrime victim.

How Press Start help?

We monitor the Dark Web in real-time 24/ 7/ 365 for compromised PII Data, bank cards, email accounts and passwords. The moment we identify a compromise on the Dark Web we will alert you, provide you with the username and password compromised and, in some instances, even detail where the credentials originated.

The benefit of knowing your compromised credentials is you can have the opportunity to change your password before it is sold on the Dark Web.

Protect your company against criminals on the dark web