Internet Connectivity

Helping you build your smart network

We provide ultra-fast internet connectivity for your business

Leased Line

Ultra-fast fibre leased line connectivity to your business that offers the highest uptime available. From 10Mbps to 10Gbps that are reliable, resilient & quick.

FTTP Broadband

A faster alternative to FTTC, Fibre connection directly to your premises offers a reliable, high-speed connection that ensures your business can always make the most of the cloud.

FTTC Broadband

Fibre to the cabinet services that offer high speeds without the added costs of deploying a physical fibre connection to your premises.

Ultra-fast connectivity

Increase productivity and lower costs so budgets are protected, and your business remains competitive.

We provide a fully managed deployment service where we work with Openreach to get your new circuit installed in the shortest possible timeframe.

Benefits of Our Internet Connectivity

Our Internet Connectivity solutions will provide you with the speeds and reliability your business needs to work in the cloud era we operate in today including the benefits below

Enhanced Productivity

We provide you and your employees with reliable and quick internet connections so they can gain reliable and quick access to business-critical applications and files to ensure your business operates optimally.

Highly Flexible Connectivity with a Large Capacity

We offer incredibly fast fibre-optic ethernet that provides you with a 1Gbps fully-dedicated bandwidth. As well as fast, this is versatile and can be scaled up when necessary.

Easy Access to Connections

We offer availability starting around the 99.99% mark, meaning your team will be able to run all your applications.

Service Level Agreement

With Press Start you get the assurance of an SLA that outlines availability, performance, delivery and time to repair, meaning you don’t need to worry about connectivity issues and can concentrate on your business.

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor our services around the clock and provide support to you to make sure it runs smoothly and take appropriate action when required.

Competitive Pricing

Increase productivity and lower costs so budgets are protected and your business remains competitive.

Fast Performance

Secure fast access speeds with availability delivered via Service Level Agreements that specify performance.


Ensure your connectivity is tailored to your business – from creative industries requiring high upload speeds to professional services counting on high download speeds.

One Payment

Pay one per-month price with flexible contracts that run from 1-5 years and are tailored to your business.

Sort Your Internet Connectivity with Press Start

For the best internet connectivity options, speak to Press Start today. We can supply, implement, manage, and support the right connection type for your business.