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Server Management 


For many of our customers, their server is the key component of their IT infrastructure and any problem, no matter how big or small, can cause major issues to the day to day business operation. What would be the effect on the business if you suffered downtime on your Server?  Is your server monitored and maintained?  Let us take the pain away with our server Management service.


24/7 Monitoring and Maintenance


At Press Start we recognise the importance of regular monitoring and maintenance of your Server, as such we specialise in taking this vital task inhouse to maximise uptime and avoid issues.  From the very first day we work with you our expert team of IT Professionals will undertake a full health check on your current Server; including a review of the compatibility and ongoing support available for the software running your business, installation of our Press Start Security Suite including Managed Anti Virus and Managed Anti Malware protection to drastically reduce the risk of threats and install monitoring software that ensures our team recieves data 24/7 allowing us to tackle issues before they effect your business.  


"Your IT Infrastructure Is Our Priority"


The remote monitoring software allows us to run 35 individual security, stability and performance checks on each server every day alerting our technical team to issues before they arise.  Alongside this real-time alerts inform us immediately if you the server reports an issue, allowing us to often resolve issues remotely and quickly.  Our constant maintenance is all part of our proactive approach to your entire network ensuring that your server is monitored at all times.    


Get proactive and call us today on 01638 603204 or email  to find out more.

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