Managed WiFi

Fast, secure, reliable WiFi made easy

Your business deserves better WiFi

Standard WiFi issues are costly but it doesn't have to be this way.

Press Start Managed WiFi beats standard WiFi in five important ways. You can’t see, smell, hear, taste or touch them, but once you feel the difference, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.


WiFi issues are always frustrating with dead zones being a persistent headache with standard WiFi. Press Start Managed WiFi uses a mesh of Access Points to bring a strong, reliable WiFi signal to every inch of your floor plan.


With standard WiFi capacity often comes down to guesswork. Press Start Managed WiFi gives you at a glance utilization information to see how many devices connect throughout the day, what kind of applications are running and how much data is being used.


From digital payment processing, to video calls, to the constant uploading and downloading of the endless social media scroll, every person, device and system on your premises is chewing through data by the second. Press Start Managed WiFi gives you the control to ensure everyone gets the connectivity they need.


Changes are easy with Press Start Managed WiFi, whether that’s creating separate networks for your guests and employees, refreshing the passwords and landing pages for those networks, or updating your list of blocked sites.


Network security is always changing with new threats and vulnerabilities emerging every day. Bringing standard WiFi into a business environment puts you, your employees and your customers at risk. You don’t have to worry about that with Press Start Managed WiFi as everything from your network hardware, to the routing that connects it all, to your end-point devices sit safely behind a dedicated, continuously updating security gateway.

Free device replacements

Where hardware failure occurs the devices will be replaced free of charge under the lifetime warranty, keeping your uptime and productivity maximised and your costs low.

Have a better WiFi experience with Press Start

For great WiFi, speak to Press Start today about our Managed WiFi service. We can supply, implement, manage, and support your Managed WiFi in your business.