Password Manager

Making it easy to use, manage and share passwords

What is Password Manager?

A Password Manager allows you to store your passwords for all the services you use. It will store your passwords in the cloud giving you the flexibility of accessing your passwords from any device, anywhere.

Our Password Manager automatically logs you into websites without needing to remember each individual password. Once you have an account in the password management software, you will easily and quickly access all the websites you use.

No need to remember or make a note of each of your passwords. You’ll only need to remember the master password for the Password Manager software

Why You Need a Password Manager

It’s difficult to keep track of passwords these days it is normal for people to have hundreds of logins causing password overload. There are so many passwords we all use from one day to the next from email to social media accounts to more business-critical sites and applications. How do you remember or store them? You could make a hard copy of them all or store them in a file on your computer, but that puts them at risk of being stolen and falling into the wrong hands which defeats the purpose of creating difficult passwords. That’s why you need the help of a cloud based Password Manager.

Historically most people have opted for short, weak passwords as they are easy to remember and they re-use the same few passwords which makes it very high risk. You do not have to remember your passwords with a Password Manager as they are automatically entered for you.

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of security breaches come from weak or stolen passwords
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of companies do not have a password manager
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of security breach victims are small businesses

Some of the benefits of using password management include:

Simplify passwords for your team

Easy to use

Your team can start using password manager right away without complicated training.

Access from all devices

Your team has access to passwords and notes from any device, at any time.

Advanced security features

Our security policies allow you to pick the right level of security for your team.

Keep Your Passwords Safe With Press Start's Password Manager

If you want to get a handle on your passwords and keep your computer systems and network safe, speak to Press Start today. We can provide our highly sophisticated and easy to use, but incredibly secure Password Manager where you can create, store, and manage all your passwords.