Patch Management – What is it? and Why is it so important?

If I asked you “Have you installed the latest patch for Windows?”, would you be able to answer the question? If not, don’t worry, let’s break it down and understand the question fully.

What is a “patch”?

Software and operating system (OS) updates that address security vulnerabilities are referred to as patches.

How do you know what the latest patch is?

Press Start clients need not worry about patch management for operating systems, and this is included in the contract. Press Start will make sure that the latest updates are installed on all devices.

For those who are not a client of Press Start, in Windows you can search ‘Update’ in the start bar, and open ‘Check for Updates’. Windows will display updates that need to be installed, simply click on the download and install button.

Software updates vary, some are automatic, some are manually updated. Most software has a Help button or Settings section that will include ‘Check for updates’.

Installed or downloaded?

There have been times when people believe their device is running the latest security patch, but it turns out the user has downloaded the update and not installed it. Almost all patches require a restart of the software or device, this will complete the installation.

Why is it so important to patch your device?

Everyone has heard of Cyber Security, right? Well, patch Management plays a big part in Cyber Security, to reduce your risk of Cyber attacks.

Software and operating systems can be vulnerable to exploits. An attacker can use an exploit to gain access or information about you, your device, or in some cases, the entire company network!

If you would like more information on Patch Management, or how Press Start can help you manage your patches, please get in touch on 01638 603204 or email us at