Switching IT Support

Switching IT Support to Press Start is smooth and seamless

Switching IT Support

It is often a concern that when moving IT providers there will be a period of downtime or disruptions but we make the transition smooth and a pain-free experience. It’s easy to switch IT Support to Press Start Ltd due to the mature onboarding process we have developed over the years.

How we make switching IT Support easy

We take responsibility for all aspects of your IT transition to us. Our 6-step process guarantee’s a smooth transition.

Stage 1


We will arrange a call with you to formally introduce the onboarding specialist we have assigned to manage the onboarding process.

Stage 2

Gather Details

We need few technical details to get started, either from your in-house IT manager or previous IT support company. We can even send it directly to your current IT provider, so you don’t need to.

Stage 3

Setup & Technology Audit

Our onboarding engineer will visit your site and install our own monitoring software to allow us to proactively maintain the systems. We will carry out a full system audit of your technology and infrastructure.

Stage 4

Identify and Fix

Our Engineers will use our advanced monitoring software installed on your computers & network to start identifying and fixing issues found.

Stage 5

Strategy Overview

We will use all the information gathered we create a Strategy Overview document. This is an overview of the technology you are using, our assessment of them and recommendations.

Stage 6

Review Meeting

The first review meeting will take place to discuss the Strategy Overview assessment and our findings including our recommendations.

Switch IT Support to Press Start Today

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