What Is Your System Missing?

Are you guilty of being complacent with your infrastructure?

We have all done it, ignored something because it works and doesn’t cause us any problems. The next time you even think about it is when something goes wrong, so what are you ignoring with your IT system that could do with some attention?

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

An uninterruptible power supply or UPS is a battery backup that can provide emergency power to your systems in case of a power failure. Most of have experienced that moment when you are happily working away and the power goes out causing your computer to shut down instantly and lose that vital document you were working on, but forgot to save. Well this can be a frustration of the past as devices connected to a UPS are given that valuable few minutes (time frame depends on the capacity of the device) to save and safely shut down your PC before the power fails. As important to protecting your PC/laptop are the other components in your network. UPS’s protect routers, switches, and often most importantly servers and can be vital in avoiding costly downtime. Going that next step from a surge protector a UPS will continue powering your system via a local battery protecting it from surges and allowing that managed shut down. Some devices will also be able to be configured to automatically power down the device before the battery runs out in case the issue occurs when you are not near the device. These can be vital to protect your systems from damage, avoid data loss and prevent corruption of data from shutdowns during work

Upgrades and Planned Replacements

Something we frequently encounter is aging networks that have been lacking in regular maintenance and planned replacement schedules. Unfortunately this often results in large bills arriving at once as the knock on effect of upgrading one system, triggers the need to upgrade another, and so on, and so on. This can often prevent vital works from taking place or at the very least prompt undesirable compromises that will not offer the same life span as the preferred options. This can be avoided with a planned upgrade/replacement schedule ensuring systems are regularly reviewed with both hardware and software being upgraded.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

One of the most critical items in your network should be a solution for disaster recovery and business continuity. If your server blew up, your offices flooded, your hardware was stolen, could your business continue to function? The golden rule for this scenario is data in multiple locations. The ideal scenario should keep your data on your device, on a local solution and in the cloud, or at the very least securely offsite. We suggest our partner Datto for the gold standard in business continuity allowing your data to constantly be backed up every 30 minutes to both a local storage and in the cloud. This level of solution allows you to boot up a virtual copy of your server from either location giving you that vital ability to function regardless of the circumstance.


Cyber crime is a money making business for hackers and is only growing day by day. With over 304 million samples of malware and viruses detected last year your defences should be better than ever before if you wish to avoid becoming a victim. Just anti virus software is not enough, any protection should offer ways to prevent infection from email, online, update vulnerabilities and scan your system to detect any risk that makes it through.

Managed IT Service

Your IT needs to be maintained and monitored. You should have a dedicated resource taking care of your business, either inhouse or via an external support provider. Now your resource for this will be dictated by a number of factors but you should be supported to ensure all of the previous points are being addressed for your business. Real-time monitoring can enable issues to be prevented before they cause any downtime for the business and any security risks can be identified and dealt with quickly.

If you think you could benefit from another opinion on your IT Press Start is happy to help and will review your current systems and offer advice on simple improvements that can enable long term benefits to your business. Contact us 01638 603204 or email hello@pressstart.co.uk.