Your Business Cyber Security risk increases as Boris Johnson announces new COVID guidelines, for staff to work remotely from home where possible.

In an attempt to reduce the number of COVID cases Boris Johnson has announced that as of 13th December people of the UK will be advised to work from home where possible. After nearly 2 years of COVID and previous lockdown restrictions most businesses have adapted to continue operating during these difficult times, by giving staff the ability to work from home. The business continues to operate, that’s great! But it comes at a cost, remotely working from home is not as secure as working in the office. Below are 4 main reasons why your businesses security risk increases when working at home? 

  • No DNS protection to prevent visiting malicious websites
    • Our DNS filtering solution protects users from malicious browser activity and enables Internet usage restrictions for work devices at home.
    • 90% of website malware will be blocked before it reaches your work device, no matter their location, whether at home or in the office.
  • Compromised personal devices
    • Businesses cannot be responsible for their staff members personal devices. If personal devices are infected with malware, the malware can spread to all other devices on the local network. When work devices are taken home to remotely work, they must have anti-virus to reduce the risk of the device being infected by a compromised personal device on the network.
  • Outdated or no remote working policy
    • Do you currently have a remote working policy and are you confident the policy includes all aspects of remote working?
    • Is your remote working policy up to date and adhered by all staff members?
  • Your connection is not secure
    • VPN tunnels are the most secure connection method you can use to remotely access your work environment.
    • Our routers will provide you with the latest VPN standards to ensure you have the most secure method of remotely accessing data.

Here at Press Start we can work with your to reduce your cyber security risk. Our qualified team of engineers have the tools and knowledge to help keep your online presence secure. For more information please contact Press Start on 01638 603204 or email us